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We are more than agents, we are your guides and partners.

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We Are Here Commited To Giving You True Value

We Care Insurance Services helps senior Americans make smart choices about their Medicare benefits and coverage. These choices are crucial for seniors’ health and happiness, as they affect how much they pay, what services they get, and where they can access quality care for the rest of their lives.

Our network of trusted and trained agents works with seniors across the country and in Puerto Rico to find the best health care plan for their needs. Our agents listen to each client and tailor their advice to their individual situations and goals.

Our Core Values


We Care Insurance believes in understanding and empathizing with the unique needs and concerns of each individual they serve.


Integrity is at the heart of We Care Insurance operations. We prioritize transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in every interaction with clients, agents, and employees.

Continuous Improvement

We Care Insurance is dedicated to ongoing learning and growth, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement and innovation.

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Our diverse team at We Care Insurance is dedicated to professionals who serve as guides, providing local expertise and unwavering support throughout your Medicare journey. With a range of agents, and specialized team members, we are committed to putting you first and ensuring you receive the best possible healthcare options.

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